About Us

About Us

At J & A Shooting, we specialise in meeting the needs and requirements of shooting enthusiasts throughout western Victoria and beyond.
We have a large range of firearms for sale including new and second hand guns, as well as all the accessories you need. In addition, we can assist with servicing, repairs, alignments and alterations to a variety of firearms and accessories.

Bill Jorgensen, Ben Grieger, Craig Leamon and Alan Hobbs are all avid sport shooters with combined experience in AA Grade DTL, Trap and F & G shotgun shooting, as well as A Grade ‘F’ std and ‘F’ open rifle shooting. The J & A Shooting team are all keen shooters and hunters, competing in competition shotgun and rifle matches on most weekends both local and interstate.

You’ll know you’re in good hands at J & A Shooting.

We stock over 1000 firearms and for the experienced shooter looking for something more specialised, we can custom build hunting and target rifles. With suppliers including Beretta, Winchester, NIOA, OSA, Raytrade, Extravision, NightForce, Hunters Element, Ridgeline and many more, you’ll find everything you need for your next sport shooting competition or hunting session.

Whether you want to join a club, join in on a J & A shoot date, or find rifle accessories in Horsham, come in and speak to Bill, Ben and the team at J & A Shooting, the premier gun shop in Horsham.


J & A Shooting was established in early 2012 and since that time we’ve grown, employing 4 local and experienced staff members all involved in the shooting industry.

J & A Shooting Supplies has always been a lifelong dream for Bill, who had a childhood plan of being part of the firearms industry.
Growing up in a household of hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts, Bills passion for the industry (his brother and dad both shoot, and grandfather Bob Jorgenson was in the Australian trap shooting team). Bill now gives back to the community, sponsoring 15 shooting clubs, as well as two Wimmera football and netball clubs.

On top of this, Bill has shot at state level and is also an active member for the Natimuk Field and Game Association.

All employees at J & A Shooting have years of experience both in shooting in both hunting and sport; and if you can’t find them in the shop, they’ll either be taking part in one of the many competitions or hunting around Australia.

Meet Our Staff

William Jorgensen (Bill)

Bill is not only the owner of J&A Shooting Supplies but also an experienced and passionate shooter himself.
He has participated in many DTL events at state and Commonwealth level and holds numerous titles in his grade.
Bill also enjoys shooting F&G and can be seen at most shoots around the district.
If Bill isn’t at the store or a shooting competition you might find him prospecting for gold in your back paddock.
Whatever he’s up to, you can be sure it’s got something to do with the great outdoors.

Andrea Jorgensen

Andrea is co-owner of J&A Shooting Supplies, alongside with her partner Bill.
She was brought up on a farm around firearms and enjoys a shot or two.
Andrea runs the accounting side of the business and ensures we don’t spend too much money.

Alan Hobbs (Hobbsy)

Alan is an experienced gunsmith when it comes to custom precision rifles and joined the J&A crew in 2019.
Hobbsy exclusively uses inline chambering techniques and works to within 0.0002” tolerances, producing many championship-winning rifles.
He also competes in rifle shooting, both F-Class and Target Rifle series as an experienced A-Grade Shooter. Hobbsy has also won countless prestigious awards including a QLD Queens Match.
The knowledge in this one blokes head equates to more than 150yrs we reckon.

Craig Leamon (Mouse)

Mouse joined the J&A Shooting Supplies team in 2019.
He has extensive knowledge when it comes to precision rifle shooting, reloading and custom equipment and is also a keen hunter.
This year (2019) Mouse won the club and district championships shooting F-Open. He was selected as DRA1 state representative at the state championships and also shot for DRA1 at the state team shoot.
He also competes in .22lr Small-bore bench-rest.
When it comes to high end custom rifle components, precision reloading and the right advice, Mouse is your man.

Porsha Jorgensen

Porsha also joined the J&A team as the admin, media and marketing guru in 2019.
She has a keen eye for detail and insists on stocking the latest in clothing and accessories.
Just like her parents Porsha was brought up around guns and also enjoys shooting.
Porsha can be found behind the scenes in the office, working on the computer and answering phone calls.
She’s a great edition to the team and keeps us all entertained and our spirits high!

Ben Grieger

Ben joined the J&A Shooting Supplies team in 2015.
Specialising in optics, NV and Thermal gear, Precision target rifles, gunsmithing and precision reloading.
Ben is a member of almost every shooting club in the area. Shooting F&G, DTL, F-Class, F-Open, Pistol and more.
He has won multiple club, district and OPM events and has shot at state level 4 years in a row.
Ben also enjoys hunting and the great outdoors.
He’s your man if you want to talk to someone with an obsession for everything firearms.

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