Firearm and Accessory Sales

J & A Shooting is one of the top gun shops in Australia, providing a range of firearms and the best gun accessories in Australia to sport and hunting shooters. We have everything you need for a successful competition or the next hunting season.

Firearm Refurbishment

Have you got an old firearm or looking at purchasing second hand guns that need some repairs? Our gunsmith Bill can refurbish your firearms and have them looking and working better than you expect. Speak to the team about what refurbishments are available on your firearm.

General Firearm Servicing

Has it been some time since your firearm was properly serviced? Regular servicing is essential in keeping your firearm working correctly. The team at J & A Shooting can undertake all general firearm servicing here in our Horsham outlet.

Basic Rifle Bore Sighting

Bore sighting can help you ensure your scopes are aligned perfectly with the target area of your rifle. A good bore sight will let you know exactly where your bullets will hit, so you can adjust your scope as needed. We can undertake basic bore sighting on your rifle.

Shooting and Sighting Tests

– testing firearms at the requested range

The experienced team at J & A Shooting offer shooting and sighting testing for your firearms at your requested range. Please speak to Ben or Bill to arrange for testing of your firearms and sights.

Recoil Pad Fitting

J & A Shooting can fit your firearm with a correctly fitting recoil pad to provide extra passing and support between you and the buttstock. A good recoil pad will also help prevent slippage while aiming, giving you a better shot.

Length Alterations, Barrels and Stocks

If you’re looking to alter the length of your firearm’s barrel or stock to get better performance, J & A Shooting can assist. We can work with you to get the right length to meet your needs and requirements whether sport or hunting.

Firearm Repairs

Does your firearm need minor or major repairs? J & A Shooting can organise repairs to a range of sport and hunting guns, whether you need a small or large repair. We’d love to discuss how we can get your firearms back up and working again.

Trigger Lightening and Replacement

A lighter trigger can make it easier to target and pull off a round of shots quicker than the standard trigger, making it good for competition shooters. We can replace or lighten the trigger on your firearm, giving you the advantage.

Scope Fitting and Alignment

Having the right scope for your firearm is essential to the performance of the firearm. J & A Shooting stock a range of hunting rifle accessories which means we’ve got a range of the best scopes for your firearm.

Reloading Help and Load/Rifle Tuning

Are you having trouble reloading your firearms? Our experienced team can help you with ensuring your firearm is reloading correctly. We can also tune your rifle so you’re getting the best performance and know just how your firearm should be performing for you.

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